This is where, as from the 1st May 2010, I shall be taking an image a day.
Not for one second am I expecting this area to contain any masterpieces, it's more of an ongoing project and, in some respects, a bit of photographic discipline

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I have joined a handful of fellow photographers from the PhotoPortal, some links of whom can be found below.

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path to fall watery eye marble marvel sleeping quarters cattle field menacing cafetière à piston my parents turbulent solent ablaze with colour winter plumage cash register forked the dark grip sunpoached colour tv invincible memories remain astra 55 old mallet autumnal tones change of routine pure beef all that remains a great companion idsworth jump in the box the stalker production entrance peter half

path to fall

Sunday 31st October 2010 - 'Path to Fall'

I liked the strong colours of this leaf, especially as the veins look like a path, hence my title, 'Path to Fall'.

watery eye

Saturday 30th October 2010 - 'Watery Eye'

Top of a watering can in our garden.

marble marvel

Friday 29th October 2010 - 'Marble Marvel'

Some coloured glass marbles lit with an angle poise lamp and my computer screen.

sleeping quarters

Thursday 28th October 2010 - 'Sleeping Quarters'

Our bedroom, with a little work, courtesy of Photoshop.

cattle field

Wednesday 27th October 2010 - 'Cattle Field'

Just some cows in a field in between Petersfield and Buriton in Hampshire.


Tuesday 26th October 2010 - 'Menacing'

A sinister-looking self-portrait.

cafetière à piston

Monday 25th October 2010 - 'Cafetière à Piston'

A simple macro shot of the base of the plunger.

my parents

Sunday 24th October 2010 - 'My Parents'

They have been staying with us since Wednesday and I was determined to take a natural shot of them before they left to go back home tonight.

turbulent solent

Saturday 23rd October 2010 - 'Turbulent Solent'

A very stormy outlook on to The Solent, with the Isle of Wight in the background.

ablaze with colour

Friday 22nd October 2010 - 'Ablaze With Colour'

Although this could be anywhere, it was taken at Waggoner's Wells in East Hampshire, a beautiful area owned by The National Trust. Autumn has started to show its face, yet we suspect it will be incredible in a couple of weeks time.

winter plumage

Thursday 21st October 2010 - 'Winter Plumage'

A Black-headed Gull with its winter plumage, taken on a walk around Emsworth Mill Pond. Despite the bright white of the boat in the background, I love the connection between the two.

cash register

Wednesday 20th October 2010 - 'Cash Register'

One of the owners of the company where I freelance has a penchant for antiques, this being an incredible National Dayton, Ohio Cash Register, produced in the early 1900s.


Tuesday 19th October 2010 - 'Forked'

A simple shot of the shadows of three forks. The reason there are two is due to the difference of angles with the spotlights in the kitchen.

the dark grip

Monday 18th October 2010 - 'The Dark Grip'

Yes, the mornings are dark now, even at 7 o'clock.


Sunday 17th October 2010 - 'Sunpoached'

The early morning sun catching the top part of our egg poacher pan and casting some unusual shadows.

colour tv

Saturday 16th October 2010 - 'Colour TV'

For a brief moment today, the light was incredible, as was the accompanying rainbow... just a pity I wasn't in the right place at the right time. Nevertheless, I did like how the coloured beam seemed to be going directly into the house at the back of us, the aerial being the added bonus.


Friday 15th October 2010 - 'Invincible'

Had an unexpected email today from Irving Brewery in Portsmouth, asking me to design some pump clips. I drove down and had a chat about what he's looking for and asked if I could take some shots whilst I was there.
The middle cask in the shot is 'Invincible', a superb ale... in fact every ale from Irving is superb.

memories remain

Thursday 14th October 2010 - 'Memories Remain'

A dead rose.

astra 55

Wednesday 13th October 2010 - 'Astra 55'

A colleague of mine owns an Astra 55 plate and the light clusters are rather sexy looking...

old mallet

Tuesday 12th October 2010 - 'Old Mallet'

And that's exactly what it is.

autumnal tones

Monday 11th October 2010 - 'Autumnal Tones'

Taken on the way home, very close to Ditcham in Hampshire.

change of routine

Sunday 10th October 2010 - 'Change of Routine'

Having peeled some carrots today for our Sunday Roast, I nearly went to throw the peelings to Timmy... going to take some getting used to him not being around any more.

pure beef

Saturday 9th October 2010 - 'Pure Beef'

Having had our groceries delivered yesterday, I just couldn't get over how big the Beef Tomato was... this shot doesn't really do it justice... it has a circumference of 354mm... the largest tomato I have ever seen!

all that remains

Friday 8th October 2010 - 'All That Remains'

But never forgotten.

a great companion

Thursday 7th October 2010 - 'A Great Companion'

This is Timmy, the best rabbit in the world. I never thought I'd say that about a rabbit, yet he was more like a cross between a dog and a cat. He used to chase birds and climb trees to escape out of the garden and loved being picked up and petted. Sadly though, Tanya spotted he had a condition called 'Fly-Strike' today and, unless the vet can perform a miracle, he'll be put down this afternoon. It only seemed right to take this photo before we took him to the vets.

An update: The vet said he was hanging on by a thread and there was no alternative but to put him to sleep. A very sad day. RIP Timmy.


Wednesday 6th October 2010 - 'Idsworth'

A nice Hampshire pastoral scene for a change, with Idsworth church featured on top of the hill.

jump in the box

Tuesday 5th October 2010 - 'Jump In The Box'

Noticed my jump leads in the back of my car and quickly realised that we're approaching winter, when they may well be needed again...

the stalker

Monday 4th October 2010 - 'The Stalker'

Every morning, without fail, I've noticed the reflection of our kitchen blind in a mirror on the opposing wall. This afternoon, I took a photograph of it, yet it wasn't holding enough interest for me.
Suddenly, a flash of inspiration came over me, and I had the idea of a hand trying to find its way through... a quick flick of a button of a ten-second timer, along with a sprint outside to shove my hand through the blind and, voila!

production entrance

Sunday 3rd October 2010 - 'Production Entrance'

Taken on the Hazleton Interchange Industrial Estate, Horndean, Hampshire.


Saturday 2nd October 2010 - 'Peter'

There are several blokes of seniority at Havant Camera Club who undoubtedly have incredibly photogenic faces.
I'd used Dave as my subject sometime last month and therefore asked Peter if would be my next model. Earlier in the week, I'd arranged to go to his home today and take some shots of him smoking his pipe.


Friday 1st October 2010 - 'Half'

An apple.

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