This is where, as from the 1st May 2010, I shall be taking an image a day.
Not for one second am I expecting this area to contain any masterpieces, it's more of an ongoing project and, in some respects, a bit of photographic discipline

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I have joined a handful of fellow photographers from the PhotoPortal, some links of whom can be found below.

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it's a celebration patriotism firkin colourful fourfoot bluebell way HCB golden egg buffy the bulldog squashed together night phlox FMN egged on splodge wardrobe whispers grease is the word baking beans cotton stand baking beans 1712 kcal idsworth in his stride steeped in history lifeline the forge tripping the light fantastic mazda 3 sport orange row ranunculus 1930 ford model a april fool

it's a celebration

Saturday 30th April 2011 - 'It's A Celebration'

I've done it! A whole year of taking a photograph every day!


Friday 29th April 2011 - 'Patriotism'

Something typically British.

firkin colourful

Thursday 28th April 2011 - 'Firkin Colourful'

A fruitful trip to Irving & Co. Brewers Ltd., gave me this photographic opportunity.


Wednesday 27th April 2011 - 'Fourfoot'

A horse that was stood perfectly for me to capture this shot at the Weald Open Air Museum today.

bluebell way

Tuesday 26th April 2011 - 'Bluebell Way'

Taken at Lye Wood, West Stoke, near Chichester.


Monday 25th April 2011 - 'HCB'

Our breakfast this morning.

golden egg

Sunday 24th April 2011 - 'Golden Egg'

A macro shot of the foil wrapper on an Easter egg.

buffy the bulldog

Saturday 23rd April 2011 - 'Buffy The Bulldog'

Earlier this week, I asked our local radio station, Havant-based 'Angel Radio', whether they'd make an announcement on my behalf… and that was to ask any of them whether they owned a Bulldog and would let me photograph it for a special St. George's Day 365 shot.
Remarkably, there was one response from a lady in the Baffins area of Portsmouth. I'd like to thank Margaret from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to take several fun shots of her Bulldog, Buffy… this shot was taken towards the end of the shoot after she'd obviously worn herself out (the Bulldog, not Margaret!).
Delighted that there are still people like Margaret about. An absolute treasure.

squashed together

Friday 22nd April 2011 - 'Squashed Together'

The sliced outer sections of a Butternut Squash that I used to cook a risotto with tonight.

night phlox

Thursday 21st April 2011 - 'Night Phlox (Zaluzianskya capensis)'

This rare South African perennial is commonly known as 'Midnight Candy'. Just before it turns to dusk, the maroon buds of this flower open into a profusion of innocent looking white pinwheels. If you’re in proximity, be prepared, because the fragrance is powerfully sweet.


Wednesday 20th April 2011 - 'FMN'

Forget-me-nots in the garden...

egged on

Tuesday 19th April 2011 - 'Egged On'

Possibly one of my favourite snacks.


Monday 18th April 2011 - 'Splodge'

Making shit look interesting...

wardrobe whispers

Sunday 17th April 2011 - 'Wardrobe Whispers'

A set of coat hangers that Tanya bought from IKEA.

grease is the word

Saturday 16th April 2011 - 'Grease Is The Word'

Had fried egg on toast for lunch... I spotted how sexy the vegetable oil looked...

beetle drive

Friday 15th April 2011 - 'Beetle Drive'

The rear end of a VW Beetle.

cotton stand

Thursday 14th April 2011 - 'Cotton Stand'

Where the cotton stands near an overlocking machine.

baking beans

Wednesday 13th April 2011 - 'Baking Beans'

These are a few of the infamous ceramic baking beans that have helped develop my exquisite quiche-cooking skills.

1712 kcal

Tuesday 12th April 2011 - '1712 kCal'

Sixteen Kit Kats.


Monday 11th April 2011 - 'Idsworth'

The fingerpost at Idsworth in Hampshire.

in his stride

Sunday 10th April 2011 - 'In His Stride'

Taken on the very top level of the Cascades Shopping Centre car park in Portsmouth.


Saturday 9th April 2011 - 'Steeped In History'

These stairs are part of the Groundlings Theatre, found near The Hard in Portsmouth. The building is famous for many reasons, namely being one of the most haunted in Britain and the fact that in 1812, a heavily pregnant Elizabeth Dickens was attending a dance in this very hall when she went into labour. She was rushed to her home in Old Commercial Road where she gave birth to her son, Charles Dickens.


Friday 8th April 2011 - 'Lifeline'

This is part of the 'rose' of our watering can with our out-of-focus garden in the background. Been put into a lot of use recently with our recent spell of good weather.

the forge

Thursday 7th April 2011 - 'The Forge'

This is reputedly the oldest 'shop' in Petersfield, Hampshire, a blacksmiths called 'The Forge'. Sadly though, the owner will be retiring soon and possibly saying goodbye to the business.

tripping the light fantastic

Wednesday 6th April 2011 - 'Tripping The Light Fantastic'

This is nothing more than a fluorescent light where I freelance, and literally just a boost in saturation brought all these weird and wonderful colours together...

mazda 3 sport

Tuesday 5th April 2011 - 'Mazda 3 Sport'

Love the curves of this car, as well as the orange of the indicator against the electric blue.

orange row

Monday 4th April 2011 - 'Orange Row'

I know this isn't an interesting shot particularly, it's just that the name of the 'street' in Emsworth, Hampshire, has always intrigued me, especially as it's painted in blue!


Sunday 3rd April 2011 - 'Ranunculus'

Since it's Mother's Day, I thought a photo of a beautiful flower would be apt today.

1930 ford model a

Saturday 2nd April 2011 - '1930 Ford Model A'

I'm hoping I've identified this car correctly. It's definitely a Ford, and from what I've found on the internet, I think I'm right. Any car enthusiasts that know differently, please let me know!

april fool

Friday 1st April 2011 - 'April Fool'

I used a Comic Sans 'D' for dunce, since Google cleverly changed the standard font to Comic Sans if you typed in 'Helvetica'.

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