This is where, as from the 1st May 2010, I shall be taking an image a day.
Not for one second am I expecting this area to contain any masterpieces, it's more of an ongoing project and, in some respects, a bit of photographic discipline

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I have joined a handful of fellow photographers from the PhotoPortal, some links of whom can be found below.

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17-hole shaker watchful unbalanced staple diet flocking nuisance anarchy the blue tunnel cork cage feeder push the button fastenating serrated colourful clip tin can alley church norton spit great opener the sharpest tools which came first? key to success jaffa shades high and dry chichester skyline cinders organised hayling bridge suction twice the power 65 down air bubbles artemis J14

17-hole shaker

Saturday 31st July 2010 - '17-hole Shaker'

Yes, it's a chip shop salt shaker, the old 17-hole model before Health and Safety decided they'd cut the number of holes down to just five. Like that's going to prevent anyone from wanting more salt... they'll just shake it for longer.

Another brainwave from the idiots in government.


Friday 30th July 2010 - 'Watchful'

I took a similar shot the other day, in preparation for my new design site. I liked it that much that I decided to have another go this morning. Trying to take a macro shot of your own eye is no easy task!


Thursday 29th July 2010 - 'Unbalanced'

The bubble vial of a spirit level, shot against a shocking pink background.

staple diet

Wednesday 28th July 2010 - 'Staple Diet'

Macro shot of the jaws of a staple remover.

flocking nuisance

Tuesday 27th July 2010 - 'Flocking Nuisance'

My intention this morning (05:00) was to photograph Portsea Island (where the city of Portsmouth lies) from the top of Portsdown Hill. I took several shots and then noticed the reflection of these Corvids (collective term for Crows, Rooks, Ravens etc) in my wing mirror, so turned around and grabbed this shot...

the blue tunnel

Monday 26th July 2010 - 'Anarchy'

Spotted this on Friday on the way to the Chippy and decided I'd have to include it for my 365. I know it's not for the faint of heart but let's face it, this sort of thing is all around us.

the blue tunnel

Sunday 25th July 2010 - 'The Blue Tunnel'

Despite the dramatic name, this is actually a shot looking up and through a sport bottle cap, often found on mineral water bottles.

cork cage

Saturday 24th July 2010 - 'Cork Cage'

We recently finished a website for a nursery and we were given a bottle of Champers as a way of saying thank you (we were paid as well!). This is a macro shot of the cork cage.


Friday 23rd July 2010 - 'Feeder'

Glorious morning this morning, with a superb early morning mist. Unfortunately this shot doesn't do it justice.
Taken near Racton Ruin, West Sussex.

push the button

Thursday 22nd July 2010 - 'Push The Button'

A row of programmable buttons on our washing machine.


Wednesday 21st July 2010 - 'Fastenating'

A button from one of Tanya's daughter's coats...


Tuesday 20th July 2010 - 'Serrated'

This is the serrated edge of a pack of tin foil. The 'softer' blue area being the reflection of the pack.

colourful clip

Monday 19th July 2010 - 'Colourful Clip'

Coloured paper clips, randomly dropped...

tin can alley

Sunday 18th July 2010 - 'Tin Can Alley'

I focused on the ring pull of a tin can, with a very shallow depth of field, so the interior of it became different shades of blurred metal.

church norton spit

Saturday 17th July 2010 - 'Church Norton Spit'

This is an area of natural banking that is one half the opening to Pagham Harbour in West Sussex.

great opener

Friday 16th July 2010 - 'Great Opener'

My trusty companion that helps me open real ale bottles.

the sharpest tools

Thursday 15th July 2010 - 'The Sharpest Tools'

This is a handle of one of the boxes provided for you to dispense of syringes safely, simply known as a 'Sharps Box'.

which came first?

Wednesday 14th July 2010 - 'Which Came First?'

Spotted the potential of this last night, especially as none were in the basket.

key to success

Tuesday 13th July 2010 - 'Key To Success'

The top of the ornate gates outside Hayling College on Hayling Island, Hampshire.

jaffa shades

Monday 12th July 2010 - 'Jaffa Shades'

Simple shot of some bright orange voile.

high and dry

Sunday 11th July 2010 - 'High and Dry'

Liked the shadowy shapes of the clothes on the flag stones.

chichester skyline

Saturday 10th July 2010 - 'Chichester Skyline'

Dawn over the city of Chichester with the imposing Cathedral spire on the horizon.


Friday 9th July 2010 - 'Cinders'

This burnt down Tesco Express in Waterlooville, just up the road from us, made the regional news last night.


Thursday 8th July 2010 - 'Organised'

The apertures and summits of the arches where a lever-arch file holds itself in place.

hayling bridge

Wednesday 7th July 2010 - 'Hayling Bridge'

Dawn breaks at Hayling Bridge, the only road vehicle route on and off the island.


Tuesday 6th July 2010 - 'Suction'

An abstract shot of our Dyson vacuum cleaner.

twice the power

Monday 5th July 2010 - 'Twice The Power'

Not a fan of HDR (High Dynamic Range) particularly, yet I thought this image was worth a bash... back to normal photography tomorrow. Taken near Blendworth in Hampshire, I liked how I managed to get another pylon directly in the 'arch' of the main one.

65 down

Sunday 4th July 2010 - '65 Down'

I had the '300' idea in my head all day yesterday and began my hunt for something with '300' on it, especially as that's how many shots I have left to take.
Stupidly, I got up at 02:48 and set my camera up, ready to capture the 2:59 to 3:00 transition... I wasn't happy with it and it was an idiotic thing to do anyway. I tried several other ideas and then found this on a trip out this morning...

air bubbles

Saturday 3rd July 2010 - 'Air Bubbles'

Air bubbles within a bottle of hand sanitiser.


Friday 2nd July 2010 - 'Artemis'

This monumental sculpture, 'Artemis', will sit on top of The Trundle at Goodwood for the lead up to Glorious Goodwood Racing and taken down to the race course when it starts 27th July. The 30-foot high bronze piece depicting a horse's head was created by Nic Fiddian-Green.
I managed to wake up in time and drive over there (about 20 minutes away) this morning, to catch the sunrise. As happy as I am with this shot, I just wish I'd arrived about 10 minutes earlier, the sky was incredible.

inside out

Thursday 1st July 2010 - 'J14'

Another unintended shot this morning. My other plan needed some thought, of which I was distinctly lacking this morning. Just as I'd given up all hope, I spotted a roll of Fujifilm that I still haven't had developed. This is the underside of it.

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