This is where, as from the 1st May 2010, I shall be taking an image a day.
Not for one second am I expecting this area to contain any masterpieces, it's more of an ongoing project and, in some respects, a bit of photographic discipline

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culinary compendium double-striped pug sticky onion and cheddar quiche glade teabag strainer winchester real ale & cider festival renovation duskydelight chalton and idsworth down fractures, hazards and spillages dogmatic leaves windmill hill STOP st. patrick's day ready to hatch be delicious hot stuff gluck tulip street's urban girl a sorry case volatile flocking build a rocket boys! spiraling heavenly fasces trumpet cupcake st. david's day

culinary compendium

Thursday 31st March 2011 - 'Culinary Compendium'

Thought I'd finish the penultimate month of my 365 project with something graphic, since that's what I love the most.

double-striped pug

Wednesday 30th March 2011 - 'Double-striped Pug'

[Gymnoscelis rufifasciata] This moth has a wingspan of no more than 20mm and was resting on a window at home.


Tuesday 29th March 2011 - 'Sticky Onion and Cheddar Quiche'

My first ever attempt at making a quiche. Even though I say so myself, it was delicious.


Monday 28th March 2011 - 'Glade'

One of their stinky air fresheners that does nothing but make me sneeze and give me a snotty nose.

teabag strainer

Sunday 27th March 2011 - 'Teabag Strainer'

Macro shot of the holes in a teabag strainer, lit with natural light.

winchester real ale & cider festival

Saturday 26th March 2011 - 'Winchester Real Ale & Cider Festival'

With several beers down my neck, it was difficult for me to work out where everyone was in the frame... L-R, Jamie, Damien, Tanya and myself.


Friday 25th March 2011 - 'Renovation'

A property undergoing work on West Street in Emsworth, Hampshire.

dusky delight

Thursday 24th March 2011 - 'Dusky Delight'

A shot of dusk taken in the alleyway between our house and next door.

chalton and idsworth down

Wednesday 23rd March 2011 - 'Chalton and Idsworth Down'

The rolling hills around the villages of Chalton and Idsworth in Hampshire.

fractures, hazards and spillages

Tuesday 22nd March 2011 - 'Fractures, Hazards and Spillages'

The warehouse floor in the building where I freelance.


Monday 21st March 2011 - 'Dogmatic'

This did tickle me. Spotted on the wall of the recently closed Oddbins off-licence in Emsworth this evening.


Sunday 20th March 2011 - 'Leaves'

The leaves of one of my favourite books, my Oxford English Dictionary.

windmill hill

Saturday 19th March 2011 - 'Windmill Hill'

One of only five remaining windmills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, this windmill is located on Chalton Down. With the threat of being demolished, it was extensively renovated in 1978 and is now a Grade II listed private house.


Friday 18th March 2011 - 'STOP'

Taken in the car park of where I freelance.

st. patrick's day

Thursday 17th March 2011 - 'St. Patrick's Day'

Well, once I get an idea in my head, that's it... nothing else will suffice.
I borrowed an Irish tour t-shirt for the background.
On the way home I called in at the Red Lion in Chalton (located between Petersfield and Havant) and asked if I could buy a Guinness pint glass only to be told I could have one.
The final leg of the journey involved buying some Guinness from Morrisons (since drank the pint pictured) and all is well in my world...

ready to hatch

Wednesday 16th March 2011 - 'Ready To Hatch'

Yes, it's that time of year again where I regularly eat six of these in one sitting...

be delicious

Tuesday 15th March 2011 - 'Be Delicious'

Tanya bought some DKNY 'Be Delicious' perfume and the bottle is rather interesting.
This is a macro shot of the concave part of the lid, with the reflection of a bright pink computer screen, to match the feminine curvy qualities.

hot stuff

Monday 14th March 2011 - 'Hot Stuff'

The tube within a bottle of Fahrenheit aftershave.

gluck tulip

Sunday 13th March 2011 - 'Gluck Tulip'

Macro shot of a beautiful flower with a well ugly name.


Saturday 12th March 2011 - 'Street's'

This hardware and ironmongers store was Havant's oldest shop until it was put out of business by the 'superstores'. Now, as with many other shops in the area, it's almost as if it's been left to rot. Sad.

urban girl

Friday 11th March 2011 - 'Urban Girl'

I've often driven past this building and liked how the brickwork bulges, yet the building is still standing. It was an absolute fluke that this girl walked into the shot and it made it even more special when I realised she was wearing bright red Doc Martins.
Since doing further research tonight, I found that this building was a valuable source of local employment for Havant. The leather working factory owned by Alfred Stent operated on this site, later turning to tanning and glove making before finally ceasing production in 1960. Alfred Stent & Sons produced gloves for Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

a sorry case

Thursday 10th March 2011 - 'A Sorry Case'

An old case that a shirt salesman once used.


Wednesday 9th March 2011 - 'Volatile'

Been quite a changeable day today... caught this clump of trees in sunshine against a moody-looking backdrop.


Tuesday 8th March 2011 - 'Flocking'

Hundreds of Black-headed and Herring Gulls almost swarming together near Ditcham in Hampshire.

build a rocket boys!

Monday 7th March 2011 - 'Build A Rocket Boys!'

Elbow's long-awaited new album is finally here!


Sunday 6th March 2011 - 'Spiraling'

Taken at Hampstead Heath Hill Garden in London.


Saturday 5th March 2011 - 'Heavenly'

Stayed with our friends Fen and Caro over the weekend and spent much of today drinking. This was taken in the CAMRA pub of the year, 'The Harp' in Covent Garden, London.

We sampled several ales including 'Junction' and 'Wandle' by Sambrooks Brewery and 'Old Chestnut' by the Dark Star Brewery.


Friday 4th March 2011 - 'Fasces'

Whilst at Irving Brewery today, I was looking around for something to photograph. Malc suggested I took a shot of the chimneys at the back of his brewery, since they reminded him of a fascist symbol that he remembered from his history lessons at school... hence the name... which could quite easily be misread!


Thursday 3rd March 2011 - 'Trumpet'

Macro shot of a daffodil...


Wednesday 2nd March 2011 - 'Cupcake'

A work colleague of mine where I freelance gave me a cupcake today. Delicious it was too... how it survived before I took a photograph of it is anybody's guess!

st. david's day

Tuesday 1st March 2011 - 'St. David's Day'

It was Google's fault that my image today proved to be ridiculously stressful to create. Since they had reminded us all that it was St. David's Day, I had an idea that included the Welsh flag and some daffodils. The Welsh flag proved easy to find, as did the daffodils... but would any of them open?! Despite me taking some excellent advice of putting them in lukewarm water, only one of 39 decided to open in time!

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